The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss is in Vietnam for its fifth

Summer Training Program which all gets started next week.

Our team of 14 teaching professionals hail from the USA and Canada and are leaders in their respective fields. They will be teaching a curriculum that spans pediatric audiology, early intervention, and auditory verbal practice for children with hearing loss under 6 years of age.  About 100 Vietnamese teachers, therapists, medical professionals, and audiology technicians will make their way on motorbikes and buses from throughout Vietnam to Thuan An Center in Binh Duong province to board and take part in various tracks during our five-week program.  Our team of awesome interpreters will join us to ensure smooth communication between all involved.

The first week is devoted solely to audiology training for 40 teachers and 15 audiology technicians. We created this course in response to the Vietnamese teachers’ request for more training in this area as teachers are often the first interface with families concerned about their children’s hearing. Joining the teachers are two levels of audiology technicians that we are training in our audiology program. The teachers and technicians will come together often during this training week  for lectures and group discussion around speech and audition. They will also discuss frameworks for teaming as collaboration amongst teachers, therapists, and audiology technicians is essential to a child with hearing loss and their family.

In the weeks to follow, 72 Vietnamese teachers and therapists will continue the Global Foundation’s curriculum on auditory-verbal practice. Forty-five children under 6 years of age will take part in live training sessions with the teachers and therapists in kindergarten classroom, therapy, and early intervention.  
We will also continue instruction for 15 Vietnamese audiology technicians focused on developing their pediatric audiology skills. Approximately 80 children will be involved with the audiology program.  A supply of hearing aids will be fit  on children by Vietnamese technicians during the audiology family clinics. 
Our team has been invited to present at the US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City on July 8 starting at 5:00 pm. Those of you in Vietnam who are interested to learn more about our work, please join us!  No need to RSVP – just be sure to bring your passport for admission. 
Given the size of our program, there are simply not enough toys and books to go around for all the therapy and classroom training sessions we conduct over the course of the month. To address this, one of our team members created an wish list of educational toys and books. Any toys and books sourced from the wish list will remain in Vietnam for the children and families to use after we are finished this summer. If you are interested to contribute, here is the link to the list. Orders should be placed by July 14 and will be shipped to our team who will get them to Vietnam. Thank you! 
We’ll be posting updates and stories from the program on this blog throughout the summer.  We hope you’ll join us. Thank you for your support and… we go!