Two hard-of-hearing boys.

A dedicated team unified by a
life-changing mission

Board of Directors

A talented, innovative team of thought leaders across health, education, and business who are committed to improving the lives of children with hearing loss.

Paige Stringer

Paige Stringer, MA, MPH

Founder and Executive Director

Paige Stringer

Edwin Rubel, PhD

President; University of Washington

Paige Stringer

David DeYoung

Treasurer; Northwestern Mutual

Paige Stringer

Sharron Stringer

Secretary; Retired, Bank of America

Paige Stringer

Christopher Barrett, MBA

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)

Paige Stringer

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, PhD

University of Ottawa

Paige Stringer

Christopher Harig


Paige Stringer

David L. Horn, MD

Seattle Children’s Hospital
University of Washington

Paige Stringer

Fran Lalas, MBA

Virgin Group, Ltd.

Paige Stringer

Jacque Patton, MS, CCC-A, LSLS CERT AVT

Sunshine Cottage