Two hard-of-hearing boys.

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 We help children with hearing loss listen, talk, and thrive – no matter where in the world they live.

The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss was born out of a journey across Southeast Asia in 2008.

I saw that limited professional expertise and services, shortage of hearing aids, and a general lack of awareness about hearing loss was having a detrimental effect on the livelihoods of thousands of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  It was a stark contrast to my personal experience growing up with hearing loss in the United States where professional support and resources are in greater supply.

I was born profoundly hard of hearing but communicate through listening and spoken language. I was identified with hearing loss as a baby. I was immediately fit with hearing aids and provided with the early intervention support necessary to learn to listen and talk during my formative years.

I was mainstreamed in kindergarten and went to neighborhood schools alongside my hearing peers for the rest of my academic studies. After graduating from university, I embarked on a marketing career at Fortune 500 companies. I also hold two Master’s degrees. I live an independent and successful life with my family and friends. I know that my life today would be very different without the support that I received in my earliest years.

Babies and young children with hearing loss require access to a Continuum of Care in the first three years of life to learn to listen and speak. This Continuum includes: early identification of hearing loss, engaged and informed caregivers, access to hearing technology, and the support of local professionals with expertise to help these children process sounds they were not born hearing to develop listening and spoken language. 

In much of the world, these elements are fragmented or do not exist. 

I started the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss in 2009 to help infants and young children with hearing loss in low- and middle-income countries have access to the Continuum of Care that I was fortunate to have.

The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss is supported by a Board of Directors who bring a diversity of insights to the organization and an international team of talented audiologists, speech therapists, early intervention providers, and specialists in auditory-verbal practice. 

We are working together with local partners in the global community across health and education to identify and address gaps in the Continuum of Care for young children with hearing loss.

We provide multi-year, in-country training programs for professionals, community health workers, and caregivers, hearing technology, awareness initiatives, and help to establish newborn hearing screening and other local services – all designed to directly benefit thousands of children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families.

I invite you to watch the 3-minute video below for more about our work.

I never fail to get energized by what we are doing and our powerful mission. If you would like to join us in making a significant difference in the futures of young children around the world who are deaf or hard of hearing, we would be honored to have your support.

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Paige Stringer, MA, MPH
Founder/ Executive Director