We just wrapped up our 3-week November 2015 Mobile Mission training program for Vietnamese audiology and auditory-verbal professionals in Da Nang and Dong Nai. Our third training initiative this year was another successful event. Both workshops were held at school locations in where two of our three regional audiology centers are located.

The Da Nang training program focused on pediatric audiology training, offering two courses for 30 teachers, therapists, audiology technicians representing seven provinces in central Vietnam. Our intent in providing audiology training to teachers was to lay the foundation for future training in July 2016. It is helpful for teachers and therapists who work with children with hearing loss to have an understanding of basic audiology principles in order to be most effective in providing early intervention support to these children.

In Dong Nai, auditory-verbal classroom training was provided to 15 kindergarten teachers working with children with hearing loss, some of whom who have engaged in our Summer Training programs at Thuan An Center. 

The audiology training was provided to 10 of our advanced-level audiology technicians who work in Dong Nai and surrounding areas. Another seven audiology technicians and teachers joined the beginning-level audiology course to begin their learning process in audiology. 

This November Mobile Mission combined lecture with practical experience with children and families. We also hosted parent nights to help educate families about their children’s hearing and the role that parents can play in supporting their children’s language development.

Hearing aids provided by the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss were fit on children in need thanks to our partnership with Sonova’s Hear the World Foundation and a donation from Siemens Asia. These children will be supported ongoing by the technicians, teachers, and therapists we have trained over time.