Tonight over 30 parents (and cute kids) turned out for our Family Night in Da Nang, Vietnam to learn more about how to help young children with hearing loss make use of hearing technology and learn to listen and speak. Our team of audiologists counseled them on everything from how to read an audiogram to deciding on the best hearing technolgy for their children. The lectures were followed up with an engaging question and answer session.

Our Family Nights are popular with the Global Foundation team too as it affords opportunity for us to help the parents with pressing concerns. The insightful dialogue also provides insight to their situations and challenges that we can address in future training programs.

This week, the Da Nang, Vietnam newspapers have been running articles about our training program for teachers, therapists, and audiology technicians working in education centers, schools, hospitals, and audiology clinics in the seven central provinces of Vietnam. It is great to get the word out about what’s possible for these kids! Here’s the first article and here’s the second article.