The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss continued its March Mobile Mission in Hanoi at the Hanoi National Pediatric Hospital and Hanoi National University of Education.  Auditory-Verbal Therapists Lyndsey Allen and Sally Tannenbaum taught the Global Foundation curriculum with a host of therapists in both locations.

The focus of this program was on identifying development goals, strategies, and activities to help a child with hearing loss in areas of audition and listening. The Global Foundation therapists combined lecture with live sessions with children and their families for mentorship and feedback by the Global Foundation therapists.

Our Audiology team comprised Stacy Claycomb, Megan Mansfield, and Adam Chell.  Similar to our program at Children’s Hospital 1 in the South, the audiology training program was for ENT physicians and audiology technicians who work with children with hearing loss throughout Hanoi.  In addition to focusing on hearing test protocols, hearing aids fitting and verification, we also spent much time talking about diagnostics and how to determine the best solution for a given child’s hearing loss and family situation.

A Parent Night was held at an Early Intervention Center in Hanoi which drew about 30 families to attend.