The success of our Vietnam Deaf Education program is grounded in strong collaboration with the Vietnamese healthcare and education communities. Through open communication and ongoing dialogue, we have developed mutual trust and friendship and a shared commitment to achieve identified goals.

The Global Foundation’s executive director, Paige Stringer, is back in Vietnam this month. One of the objectives of this trip is to visit teachers and administrators working at some of the participating schools in our Vietnam Deaf Education Program. There are 38 schools for the deaf spread across 20 provinces enrolled and they all face unique challenges and opportunities for serving children with hearing loss. We will visit six of these schools over the course of the next week, observing classrooms and meeting with the staffs to gather information and feedback. This information will be useful for continuing to understand the educational landscape in Vietnam, and will help further the Global Foundation’s efforts to continue to support the needs of the teachers, therapists, and young children with hearing loss and their families.

We’re starting off early this morning on a road trip to school visits in Dong Nai and Lam Dong. We’ll be sending updates from the field in this blog along the way about what we observe and learn.  We hope you will join us!