The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss Mongolia program continues to make great strides. The objective of the program is to help the Mongolian medical community establish newborn hearing screening capabilities in their country and to expand professional expertise in pediatric audiology and auditory-verbal practice to support babies and young children with hearing loss learning to listen and talk.

In March, the Global Foundation supplied more hearing screening devices to the hospitals in the capital of Ulaanbaatar.  Now for the first time ever, all hospitals in the capital that work with newborns and young children have the ability to screen newborns for hearing loss. This represents 45,000 babies annually, about 50% of all babies born in the country.  Mongolian professionals we have trained on the use of the devices are now training their peers to make the benefits sustainable. 

In March and April, the Global Foundation professional team continued the Global Foundation’s teaching curriculum in pediatric audiology and auditory-verbal practice to medical professionals, teachers, and therapists in Ulaanbaatar working with young children with hearing loss who are learning to listen and talk.  These professionals play a critical role in the success of babies and children in the fitting of hearing technology and in helping them to use that hearing technology to develop listening and spoken language skills.

The Global Foundation also partnered with the Mongolia Institute of Teachers Professional Development to provide a seminar for kindergarten doctors, special education teachers, and other professionals.  Our work was also featured on prime-time newscasts on two different nights. The intent of this seminar and the media coverage was to increase awareness for pediatric hearing loss, the urgency for quick response to hearing issues in children, and how hearing loss can be addressed in the greater community.

Please enjoy this short video which highlights our progress in Mongolia: