The goal of our Hospital Program is to support the professional development of the Vietnamese medical community who provide pediatric audiology and auditory-verbal therapy services to Vietnamese children 0-6 years of age in clinical settings. 

Our March Hospital Program took place at the Hanoi National ENT Hospital. Thirty medical professionals and audiology technicians representing six hospitals and two clinics in Hanoi and 17 therapists from Hanoi and six surrounding provinces participated.   The instruction was provided by five Global Foundation professionals who volunteered their time and expertise. All but one have been to Vietnam at least twice.

The skill level of therapists was strong which was a clear indication of progress from our last program in Hanoi. Knowledge sharing of the Global Foundation’s teachings in AV practice is taking place as some of the therapists were new to our program and yet were already familiar with the Global Foundation’s Vietnam developmental charts and approaches. The AVT training program combined lecture with practicum in therapy sessions with young children and their parents. 

The Audiology training for the ENT professionals and technicians focused primarily on protocols, programming hearing aids, mapping cochlear implants, and addressing difficult cases. Practicum with children demonstrated strong audiology skills among Vietnamese technicians and doctors. Hearing aids donated by GN Resound to our program were fit on young children in need during the clinical sessions. These children will be supported ongoing by the technicians and therapists we have trained.