Over the past few years, the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss has contributed to dedicated efforts within the World Health Organization to raise awareness for the issue of hearing health care, and specifically, pediatric hearing loss. The work centered around supporting a proposed resolution that would boost commitment to hearing health care in ministry health plans globally.

We are so pleased to share that this resolution was unanimously approved and adopted by delegates at the 70th World Health Assembly in Geneva this week. 

The new resolution calls on governments worldwide to integrate ear and hearing care into their primary health systems; implement prevention and screening programs; improve access to cost-effective, high-quality, hearing technologies including hearing aids and cochlear implants; establish training programs for health workers; and implement regulations for the control of noise in various settings. It emphasizes the importance of ensuring universal access to prevention and care.

This outcome will provide new direction and impetus to the hearing health care cause. The Global Foundation looks forward to joining its colleagues around the world to help deliver on the vision set by this exciting new resolution. 

You can find the full statement of the resolution here .
To view the WHO press release, please click here .