Today was a big day for our Vietnam program. The US Consul General came to visit! She pulled up to Thuan An Center in a fleet of shiny black diplomat cars and local media representing the provincial television stations and newspapers.

The US Consulate of Ho Chi Minh City has been a long-time supporter of our Vietnam Program. It was an honor to have the opportunity to show first-hand with Rena Bitter the impact of their trust and investment in us and how children with hearing loss can learn to listen and talk.

We began the day with an overview of our program in Thuy’s office, then moved into the therapy rooms to observe the program in action. When we walked in the first room, the media crews followed. The cameras were a bit distracting  – but the little girl with hearing loss in this therapy session didn’t skip a beat. In fact, she got chatty with all the adults in the room, stealing our hearts with sweet comments about Rena’s curly hair and Thuy’s ao dai.

They had just finished reading a book during the therapy session and so the little girl took initiative to bring the book over to Rena to show her.  With some encouragement, she proceeded to read the book to her. Her hearing aids were in full view. She had no qualms talking with the US Consul General.  It was a wonderful, spontaneous moment.

Ms Bitter’s visit was aired on the 6:00 news tonight in Vietnam.  You can read more about the event on the US Consulate of Ho Chi Minh City’s website at::