The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss completed its third training program in Mongolia today. It was a wonderful experience working with the same group of participants as the last two training programs. Their progress over that time was evident and they have worked hard to apply their new knowledge to their work.

The audiology participants were ENT doctors from 5 hospitals in Ulaanbaatar and the auditory-verbal practice participants came from 2 hospitals, a few special education programs, and a kindergarten specifically for children with hearing loss learning to listen and talk.  We combined lecture with practice with the children. We also integrated the audiology and auditory-verbal practice workshops so the participants in each program could learn more about the role of the other and how they can work together as a team in their daily work to better support the families.

We were also featured on two television news stations that did a nice job talking about our entire program here — the newborn hearing screening effort, the hearing technology, and the training of professionals to provide habilitation to children with hearing loss. They also spotlighted the new audiology test room that we financed for the pediatric hospital.  Training in behavioral testing was a key focus of the week in the audiology workshop and they are excited to have this standard of care in their test battery for the first time.