Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City posted news about our training course this week on the home page of their website, complete with photos. The link is here and below is the translation (brought to you by Google):

This morning, on 27/02/2012, 1 Children’s Hospital in collaboration with the Global Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss (USA) held a welcome for the training “Audiology and speech therapy of children” in order toprovide level of knowledge and practical skills for medical personnelworking in the field of audiology and speech-language therapychildren. Classes are held from 27/02/2012 until 02/03/2012, and has attracted 42 students, including ENT specialists, technicians, pediatric hearing test specialist, speech and language therapist fromthe ENT department of Physical therapy and Children’s Hospital 1, in addition to the participation of the Central Hospital, ENT Hospital, City Hospital, Ninh Thuan hospital, kindergarten, Center for children with Disabilities, research Center of Special Education, teachers college, Central School, Vietnamese American Affairs, School of medicine HCMC, 8Preschools, Hearing Aid company Quang Duc, and Vietnam company Medel.

Teaching classes are organized by 03 categories:audiologist; audiology technicians and physiotherapy professionals. Besides receiving the knowledge and skills in the field of audiologyand speech therapy from the foreign experts, this is an opportunity to exchange experiences, exchange learning, and foster international collaboration between Children’s Hospital No. 1 and the Global Foundation experts. Wishing for good classroom success.