On June 27, 2011, over 150 Vietnamese teachers, families, hearing aid dispensers, and medical teams will travel to Thuan An Center to board and take part in our second summer training program. This month-long program includes participants from 35 schools for the deaf and area hospitals. We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces returning from last year to build on their knowledge, while also welcoming a new group of participants.

Our team of 16 professionals from the US and Hong Kong are scheduled to arrive in the coming days. It is going to be quite a month with lectures, practicum, video analysis, and 1:1 consultations by day for teachers, an evening program and private consultations for families, a webinar series, and a brand spanking new Audiology program designed to provide more in-depth audiology training for those who do such work at the schools and hospitals. We’ll fit hearing aids on children from low-income families. Its all been designed by our talented team in conjunction with Thuan An Center and Ho Chi Minh City University with the goal of helping the Vietnamese acquire the awareness, tools, and expertise to help young children with hearing loss develop listening and spoken language skills.

It all starts on June 27….so mark your calendar….and thanks for checking back in so we can share our adventures with you! Meanwhile, we invite you to read through our past blog posts highlighting the events of our January Mobile Mission and our 2010 summer training program. Check out our website to read more about our team and project in Vietnam. Cam On!