This week, the fifth Mobile Mission program of the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss gets underway.

 Over the next four weeks, our team of Global Foundation audiologists and auditory-verbal therapists will be visiting Thuan An Center in Binh Duong province, Children’s Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi, and Hanoi National University of Education in Hanoi.  

In all locations, we will continue the training curriculum for a total of 70 Vietnamese teachers, therapists, medical professionals, and audiology technicians enrolled in our program. Over 100 children under 6 years of age will take part in our auditory-verbal therapy practicum and audiology sessions. 

Also planned are a series of Parent Nights for families and other caregivers to learn about their child’s hearing loss and the role they play in supporting their child’s development.  Interpreters are on hand to ensure smooth communication. 

The goals of this Mobile Mission are to: 1) progress the expertise of the advanced group of teachers and therapists in auditory-verbal practice in our program and start to prepare them to mentor other Vietnamese; 2) provide training for medical professionals and audiology technicians in hearing testing, hearing aid fitting and verification; 3) fit hearing aids on young children who need them who will then be supported ongoing by the Vietnamese professionals we train; and 4) provide information to families so they are prepared to support listening and spoken language development in their young children with hearing loss. 

Let’s get this started!