We’re headed back to Vietnam for the Global Foundation’s first Mobile Mission in Vietnam. The teachers who participated in our training program last summer at Thuan An Center asked us to visit their schools to further their professional development during the school year. So, we designed this Mobile Mission program which features in-classroom mentorship and audiology training on location at schools participating in our Vietnam Deaf Education program.

Our team of professionals will be traveling to Dalat, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in January to visit families and teachers at schools for the deaf. Our team will work with early intervention and kindergarten teachers to reinforce the training from last summer’s workshop about how to help young children with hearing loss develop listening and spoken language skills. We have audiology training for staff who do audiology at the schools There is an evening program designed to educate parents at each location about how to foster their children’s language and cognitive development. Our team also has a supply of 95 hearing aids to fit on children who need them.

We are conducting a Saturday lecture about topics related to pediatric hearing loss in HCMC. Over 90 ENT staff, medical, speech language, and education students, teachers,and families are expected to attend. It should be another rewarding adventure and we invite you follow along with us as we blog from the field.

We’re heading out to the airport. Please bear with us as we make our way across this big planet. Our executive director will kick things off with the blog on Jan 4 while visiting an NGO in Cambodia that is doing amazing audiology and hearing health care work in that country. Until then, check out our blog posts from last summer’s terrific efforts to train 90 teachers and over 40 families from 35 schools in South Vietnam. For a summary of our work in Vietnam, we invite you to read our reflections in “The Ripple Effect of a Powerful Idea” published in the November 2010 ASHA Leader.

Much, much more to come. We look forward to sharing it all with you after January 4!