Since attending the Global Foundation's training program, I feel very confident in teaching children with hearing loss. I can now guide the parents by following the methods that I have learned from this program. Thank you!

- Vietnamese Teacher



Thank you very much for your great effort to help our teachers and children. I hope that we will be able to keep working with the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss to help even more deaf children learn to listen and talk so they can attend mainstream schools.

- Vietnamese School Administrator











My son, Hao received a pair of new high-powered hearing aids from the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss. I did apply what I learned from the training program...

...I can now ask him to go to the market and buy things I need. He can buy his favorite breakfast. I cannot express my happiness. I am so lucky that I have learnt from the professionals. I would like to show my sincere gratitude to the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss. (Please click here to read Hao's story.)


Vy was identified with hearing loss very late. At the beginning, my family did not know how to teach Vy....

...Now she is able to carry on a conversation with friends and family members. My family thanks the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss and Thuan An Center for helping my daughter. (Please click here to read more about Vy's journey.)


When Tung Duong was born, it was a happy day for our family. But after a while, we noticed our son seemed to have some difficulty hearing....

...He has integrated into kindergarten with his peers. He can learn, operate, and communicate with everyone equally. We would like to send our gratitude. (Please click here for more about Tung Duong.)


I still remember when we began the early intervention program. At that time, Phuong can only remember and repeat two words...

...Now she is starting to learn and speak poems and songs. I am so happy when I hear her shy, little words. This is something I will never forget, ever. Truly thank you so much! (Please click here for more about Phuong.)


A hearing test revealed that Bao has a severe hearing loss....

...Bao is now listening and talking. He is rapidly improving his vocabulary and loves to sing. The happiest thing for me is that my son has developed a lot. I sincerely thank all the Global Foundation professionals, Thuan An Center teachers, and sisters who have helped him progress."(Please click here for more on Bao's story.)


When Duong first got hearing aids, he did not have any language...

...A year later with the help of the teachers, he could answer questions and say a longer sentence. Now he is negotiating with me on many things, something that I did not think he could ever do! I sincerely thank the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss who taught me and my son a lot of valuable lessons. (Please click on this link to read Duong's story.)








The Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss have provided us useful and practical knowledge and skills. We can help Vietnamese children with hearing loss  have a difference in their life. I am sharing the knowledge as I think that is my duty for the effort of Global Foundation's team. I and my colleagues would like to appreciate each member of the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss.  How meaningful your work is!

- Vietnamese Hospital Therapist



Our attendees highly appreciate the training. We are well equipped with basic knowledge on pediatric audiology, which make us more confident in diagnosis and treatment. I have learned a lot from the great specialists from the Global Foundation For Children With Hearing Loss. Thank you does not seem enough!

- Vietnamese Medical Professional